132 BCE After the Bar Kokhba revolt, Jewish communities are established in Lebanon.

1071 Jewish Academy built in Tyre.

1911 Immigration of Jews from Greece, Syria, Iraq and Turkey to Beirut. Nearly 5,000 Jews total. The Jews play a key role in the establishment of Lebanon as an independent state.

1943 Lebanon gains independence from France on November 22, 1943

1948 Lebanon populated by some 5,000 Jews.

1958 Civil War causes many Lebanese Jews to leave for Europe or the United States.

1971 Secretary General of Lebanese Jewish Community is kidnapped by Syrians, and imprisoned in Damascus with other Syrian Jews.

1975 Muslim-Christian Civil War damages many Jewish homes, business and synagogues. Most of the remaining 1,800 Lebanese Jews emigrate out of fear of the growing Syrian presence.

1982 During Israeli invasion 11 Jewish leaders are captured and killed by Islamist radicals.

1990s Due to the political climate, Jews are unable to practice religion openly.

2005 Less than 50 Jews remain in Lebanon.

2008 Restoration of the Maghen Abraham synagogue begins.