Personal Stories

Of the 135,000 Jews who left Iraq in the last 60 years, each one carries with them a unique collection of memories and stories that have all too often been left untold. With each passing day, another memory of Jewish life in Iraq vanishes and another story is permanently lost. The rich splendor and tragic legacy of Iraqi Jewry must be documented before it is too late.

JIMENA was created to preserve and share the personal stories of Jews who were compelled to flee Arab lands. Since our inception, we have been documenting the detailed histories and often times painful testimonies of Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews. Our archives are continuously growing and we are committed to continue collecting as many stories as we can.

Here you will find a sampling of personal stories from some of JIMENA’s members. If you are interested in sharing your story or delving further into the personal and communal histories of Jews who fled Egypt and other Arab lands, we encourage you to contact our office. JIMENA’s Oral History library includes transcripts, unedited video footage, books, and copies of documents. We are also happy to connect you to Iraqi Jews for speaking engagements, research, and interviews.

Written Narratives

JIMENA Oral History Videos