Although Jews have lived in Tunisia for over two thousand six hundred years — predating the Arab Islamic conquests by centuries – today less than two thousand remain. The indigenous Jewish culture of Tunisia is rich with unique traditions and rituals steeped in Jewish spirituality and learning. While today the ancient El Ghriba Sygnogue on the island of Djerba is still the destination of an annual Lag BaOmer pilgrimage, before World War II almost every Tunisian town and city had a Jewish community and neighborhood. Today, the Jewish Communities of Hara Seghira and Hara Kabira in Djerba represent two of the last places in the Arab world where the Jewish Community is young and new members are still being born. Many Tunisian Jews pride themselves on an ancient heritage that embraces the ideals of tolerance and respect.

A large percentage of Tunisian Jews settled in France, Israel and the United Sates. JIMENA works to ensure that the cultural heritage of Tunisian Jews and all Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews, will survive to benefit future generations. We have been leading unique Cultural Outreach Programming since our establishment in 2001, giving Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews a platform to celebrate and share their rich culture with diverse audiences throughout North America. JIMENA is dedicated to preserving and sharing Mizrahi and Sephardi culture through traditional celebrations, festivals, lectures and cultural series.




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