900’s BCE

Some believe Jews arrive in Yemen after King Solomon sends Jewish merchant marines to prospect for gold and silver to use in the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

629 BCE

According to Yemenite tradition, Jews migrate to Yemen when they hear of the impeding destruction of the First Temple.


Immigration of the majority of the Jews to Yemen.


Jewish rule in Yemen.


As Islam rises to power in Yemen, Jews are assured freedom of religion in exchange for payment of the poll tax, which is imposed on all non-Muslims.  Jews are treated as pariahs, and second-class citizens.


Part of the Jewish community in Yemen is expelled.  Many die from disease and starvation.  A year later, surviving Jews are brought back to Yemen because their expertise as craftsmen and artisans which is needed for economic purposes.


Resurgence of Jewish life in Yemen.


Turks take over Yemen and the conditions for the Jews improves.


First wave of Jewish immigration to Palestine begins.


Government of Yemen implements an ancient Islamic law requiring all Jewish orphans under age 12 to be forcibly converted to Islam.


Bloody pogrom riot in Aden following the British Mandate of Palestine.  82 Jews killed and hundreds of homes destroyed.  Aden’s Jewish community becomes economically paralyzed because of the destroyed stores and businesses.


Emigration of virtually entire Yemenite Jewish community via airlift during Operation Magic Carpet to Israel due to the perilous situation in Yemen.


Civil war in Yemen puts an abrupt halt on Jewish emigration.


200 Jews remain.