597 BCE

Following the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah, Jews take refuge in Egypt.

495 BCE

Jewish soldiers are stationed in Egypt to protect the Achaemenid Empire.

332 BCE

A notable portion of the population in Alexandria is comprised of Jews.

115-117 BCE

Jewish community in Alexandria is virtually wiped out by Trajan’s army during a revolt.


Establishment of Talmudic schools in Egypt and general favorable attitude toward the Jews.


The famous Sephardic philosopher Maimonides (Rambam) settles in Egypt and becomes a well respected physician.


Jews in Egypt contribute to the development of finance and banking, commerce, industry, urban development, culture and sports in Egypt.


Under British rule, Egypt is friendly toward Jews, although Jews are denied citizenship about 90% of the time. Jews who are being persecuted in Europe immigrate to Egypt and the population increases to 80,000 Jews.


Beginning of massive anti-Jewish demonstrations in Egypt as a result of a contribution made to the Yishuv in Israel.


Anti-Jewish riots erupt.


Height of Jewish splendor in Egypt.


Black Saturday begins as a demonstration against the British but then turns into riots against Jews with the destruction of 500 businesses, leaving many Jews dead or wounded.


After the invasion of France, Britain and Israel during the Suez Crisis Egypt declares that Jews are enemies of the state and therefore a massive expulsion of Jews from Egypt begins. The Sinai Campaign is used to order 25,000 Jews to leave Egypt in 2 days, and their property is confiscated, and passports stamped with a “go with no return” marking. Jews are allowed one suitcase and twenty dollars to take with them.


Jewish population decreases to 15,000.


Following the Six-Day war, there is an insurgence of persecution and imprisonments of Jewish males 16 years old and older. Jewish population drops to 2,500.


The remaining Jews are imprisoned in internment camps or given permission to leave the country.


Roughly 100 Jews remain in Egypt.


Synagogue restoration begins.