Before the Iranian revolution of 1979 it is estimated that there were 80,000 Jews living in the country. Today it is believed that less than 25,000 remain although the Iranian government recently announced that less than 10,000 remain in a government survey. Each Jew who left Iran carried a story that could be told here.

Iranian Jewish culture developed over 3,000 years of Iranian Jewish history. It is influenced by the many societies that lived in Iran over many centuries. Iranian Jewish artists integrated the Hebrew language with illuminated manuscripts. Iranian Jewish cooks developed their own kosher recipes using local ingredients. Iranian Jewish singers composed Iranian Jewish songs to local melodies.

JIMENA is committed to sharing the Iranian Jewish culture with the greater community. We have been leading unique Cultural Outreach Programming since our establishment in 2001, giving Iranian Jews a platform to celebrate and share their rich culture with diverse audiences throughout North America. JIMENA is dedicated to preserving and sharing Iranian Jewish culture through traditional celebrations, festivals, lectures and cultural series.




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