727 BCE

Jews are forced into exile from Judea into Babylonian and Persian lands.

642 BCE

The Battle of Nehavend leaves Persia in the hands of Arab-Muslims, establishing Islam as the new state religion and depriving Jews of political or social equality.

634 – 1255

Islamic rule forces Jews to pay a poll tax and wear a yellow patch signifying their Jewish religion distinguishing them as a minority group in a majority Muslim society.

1258 – 1336

Jewish settlements destroyed throughout Persian lands as Mongols take control.


Safavid Dynasty takes over, spreads idea that non-Muslims are unclean. Jews are forced to proclaim themselves “Jadid-al-Islam” (New Muslims).


Iranian authorities issue an edict giving Jews freedom of religion and the freedom to practice their religion as they wish.


First “Alliance Israelite” school established in Tehran. Sixty years later, there were thirty-four Alliance schools and thirty-eight other Jewish schooling options for children.


Iranian state grants Constitutional rights to the country’s three main religious minorities: Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. Jews are given the power to elect one member to the Iranian parliament.


With the end of WWII and the establishment of Israel as a state, 80% of the Iranian Jewish population immigrates to Israel along with other countries.


Mohammad Reza Shah grants Israel de facto recognition as a state.


Ayatollah Khomeini takes control over Iran. Despite several violent attacks to Israel and Zionism, he also maintains freedom of religion for Iranian Jews, as they are also “people of the book”.


Although it is widely believed that 25,000 Jews remain in Iran, the Iranian government releases a census stating there are 8,756 Jews in Iran.