587 BCE

Jewish refugees, fleeing the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and its Holy Temple, crossed over to North Africa and settled in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas region.

70 CE

Jewish refugees from the Roman destruction of Jerusalem’s temple settle in Morocco and engage in agriculture and various trades.


Church councils of Africa feel threatened by the Jews increasing number and prosperity and take a stand against the Jews.


The Arab Conquest reaches Morocco, and, once again, Morocco bore an influx of Jews. Under Islamic dominion, Jews are defined by the status of “dhimmi” as stated in the Pact of Omar.


Under the rule of Almohades, Jews and Christians are forced to accept Islam or be killed. Many Jews pretend to embrace Islam. Jews are required to identify themselves by wearing yellow head garments and become objects of violence and extreme oppression.


Flood of Jewish immigrants from Spain and Portugal caused by the Spanish Inquisition.


Abu Bakr, a prominent Jewish councilor, is burned publicly to inspire terror among Jews. Synagogues are torn down and some Jews expelled from region.


War with France causes more misery and ill-treatment of Jews.


Sir Moses Montefiore is sent to Morocco by England to help release 10 Jews who are imprisoned on suspicion of having killed a Spaniard. Montefiore is successful. The prisoners are liberated and the Sultan publishes an edict that grants equal rights to Jews.


Even with the edict of emancipation, Jews face discrimination and over 307 Jews are murdered in the streets.


225,000 Jews living in Morocco.


Nazi anti-Semitic decrees prohibit Jews from public functions, but Mohammed V refuses to enforce these laws and invites all the rabbis of Morocco to throne celebrations.


Riots kill 44 and wound many more after the declaration of the State of Israel. 18,000 Jews leave Morocco for Israel.


Morocco declares its independence. Several Jews occupy political positions. Jewish immigration to Israel is suspended.


100,000 Jews are allowed to immigrate to Israel from Morocco.


Jewish population decreases to 35,000. Most emigrants move to Europe or North America.


Still 3,500 Jews remain and play a notable role in Morocco.